Land for Wildlife

The Land for Wildlife (LFW) program is a voluntary property registration scheme
for landowners who wish to manage areas for biodiversity and wildlife habitat.


The co-ordination and regional delivery of the Land for Wildlife (LFW) scheme in New South Wales is coordinated by CEN. CEN became NSW State Coordinators in 2008 in an agreement with LFW Victoria and since then have been working with many organizations to expand Land for Wildlife. A partnership exists between CEN and The Biodiversity Conservation Trust.

LFW commenced in Victoria where it has been in operation since November 1981. The scheme arose as a result of regular 'core group' meetings held between the then Fisheries and Wildlife Service and the Bird Observers Club of Australia. Since 1997, the scheme has extended to other states and operates under a common set of principles and standards contained in the 'Arrangement to Co-ordinate Land for Wildlife schemes 2000'

The value of LFW is as a non-statutory registration scheme for landholders who wish to manage conservation values on their property. For many landholders, LFW provides a non-threatening, entry level option that meets their current needs, and helps build receptive communities. In time, this may lead to more binding statutory conservation commitments as landholders become familiar with the benefits of involvement. Local experience suggests that many private landholders would not take a first step towards conservation if such an entry level program were not available.

Coordination Role

CEN’s role as a state coordinator will include the following:

  • Promote LFW through local partner organisations (“LFW Regional Providers”)
  • Enter into Third Party Agreements with LFW Regional Providers
  • Provide training and development to staff from LFW providers
  • Provide and manage a central registration and information database for LFW members
  • Coordinate the delivery of LFW signs to LFW providers (to then be delivered to LFW members)
  • Provide a state wide newsletter and website pages for LFW members and providers
  • Monitor and report on efforts and achievements of the LFW program in NSW

Conservation partnerships

CEN will partner with other organisations such as BCT, GER and Environment Victoria to promote connectivity conservation:

  • Provide opportunities to promote LFW in the Conservation Partners Program newsletter Bush Matters
  • Encourage cross promotion of non-statutory and statutory conservation options for landholders
  • Provide advice and assistance to ensure a consistent and coordinated approach to programs
  • Arrange for reports on efforts and achievements of LFW to be recognised and communicated

Contact details

CALL 02 4349 4756

PO Box 149 Ourimbah NSW 2258

FM Building, Central Coast Campus,
University of Newcastle,
Loop Road, Ourimbah,
NSW, 2258


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