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Climate Future — a committe formed to promote action on Climate Change. 

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Our climate is changing and we are responsible. 150 years ago in 1859, John Tyndall discovered that CO2 was a greenhouse gas. Since the 1970’s we have added enormous volumes of green house gases to our atmosphere and we are still increasing the rate of emissions every year. This is causing our world to heat up. We don’t have another planet – no Plan B – to escape to. 

The consequences are that heatwaves and bushfires are becoming more intense and occurring where they previously did not. Seas are rising, ice is melting, oceans are acidifying, plants, animals and people are dying. 

Human population has reached 7 billion and is headed for 9 billion within 40 years. We are putting increasing pressure on the environmental systems that provide us with clean air, water and food (not to mention recreation).

We need to take  emergency action. The IPCC has indicated that we need to stop increasing our global emissions now and reduce them rapidly if we are to avoid very significant changes. By very significant they mean a destabilization of the climate that could lead to a mass extinction of species. Oh, no doubt humans would survive, but how may and at what cost?

This is an ethical and moral issue. We are living at the expense of our descendants - our children will suffer if we don't take the necessary action.

Please talk to our political leaders, write letters, call them. We need leadership, not more delay. If you are interested in doing more, join us to keep the issue alive and help encourage ambitious action.

If you are looking for someone to come and talk to you about Climate Change: its impacts; timing of the changes; background to the science; our responses including political, economic, social or ethical; etc – we can provide a speaker to come and talk to you and your group.

For Impacts of Climate Change specific to the Central Coast you can visit  http://cultureswervecc.wordpress.com/

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Ph: CEN on +61 2 4349 4756 


Climate Change News

  • Council Climate Change Policy

    Central Coast Council – Climate Change Policy

    Submissions are due: 15th March 2019 Please use CC Councils on line submission form, See: https://www.yourvoiceourcoast.com/climatechange Alternatively, submissions may be posted or emailed. CEN welcomes and supports the Central Coast Council's draft Climate Change policy. Council's holistic approach is addressing Read More
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