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Pristine Bushlands, fantastic waterways, unique wildlife and a great climate, just some of the reasons we all want to protect what we haveā€¦

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The oceans, lakes, rivers and creeks of the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie are an integral part of our region's identity. The health of these waterways is important for the wellbeing of our community and the native wildlife, including hundreds of species of birds and fish, that call them home.
The Community Environment Network works to protect our waterways through projects that focus on wetlands, lagoons and the ocean marine environment.


greengolden bell frog litoria aureaOur waterways and bushland contain many wonderful native species. There are tiny seahorses in our lakes, platypus in our streams and koalas, southern brown bandicoot, and spotted-tailed quoll in our bushland. Not to mention to the large variety of birds and fish in and around the lakes and ocean.

Many of them also share our urban areas, such as blue tongue lizard behind the back shed or a kookaburra on the telephone pole out front. These animals are what make our home on the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie so special.

The protection of habitat is possibly the best thing we can do for our native species and the Community Environment Network has projects aimed at conserving natural areas and creating wildlife corridors.

Projects include:

lfw-logo-240Land for Wildlife

The Land for Wildlife (LFW) program is a voluntary property registration scheme for landowners who wish to manage areas for biodiversity and wildlife habitat. LFW encourages and assists landholders to include nature conservation along with other land management objectives. The program is free for landholders to join and is not legally binding. Registration in the scheme will not change the legal status of a property.

  • learn about the Land for Wildlife program in New South Wales - click here
  • submit an Expression of Interest On Line and Join the Club.- Available to rural property owners with more than 0.5 Ha of Bushland - click here

habitat vertical colourHabitat for Wildlife

Join the growing number of landholders that are looking after their land as habitat.

Any landholder can join Habitat for Wildlife, urban, rural, farm or lifestyle block. Show you care about our wildlife by joining and providing some wildlife habitat on your land.

Urban areas can be very important habitats and by connecting isolated pockets of habitat wildlife corridors are formed. These are vital connections for many species of birds and animals, enabling them to move from one area to another. Click here for more information and to SIGN UP online

The Central Coast and Macquarie Lakes are home to bushland areas that are rich in biodiversity and natural beauty.


The Community Environment Network works to conserve our natural bushland areas and ensure that it is not lost amid the ever expanding urban development. Indeed, CEN believes we can have both - sustainable urban and social development that does not compromise the bush that makes our region so special.

Some of the projects that CEN is involved in to protect our bushland are: 


CEN Bush Regeneration Team

CEN has been conducting professional Bush Regeneration Services for over 16 years.

The CEN Bush Regeneration Team members are fully trained and experienced in native bush regeneration. Our Bush Regeneration Team supervisor and our team members are all qualified with a minmum six months field experience. All team members carry a Green Card and have first aid training.

All work is assessed and planned prior to commencement and Rehabilitation Plans are provided. Management Plans for ongoing maintenance are also available for sites.

The team has a reliable, fully equipped vehicle for work in the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie areas.

CEN Bush Regen Team
PO Box 149
Ourimbah 2258

For more information phone 4349 4756 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Business-graphicBusiness can play a very important role in the sustainable development of our community. This can happen in obvious ways such as the many businesses that install water tanks or solar panels. But all businesses - big and small - can have an impact in the way they carry out their day to day operations such as transportation, paper use, and energy or water consumption.

Today's consumer is also a lot more environmentally aware and expects businesses to enact practical measures that save our natural resources and limit waste.

Sustainable Business Network

The Community Environment Network started the Sustainable Business Network as a way for businesses to educate themselves and the public about best environment business practise. It is also an excellent resource for the public to inform their purchasing decisions.

Sustainable Business Directory

To see a list of  Central Coast businesses that offer sustainable products and services and are assisting with sustainable jobs growth on the Central Coast of New South Wales, click on this link  Sustainable Business Directory

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CALL 02 4349 4756

PO Box 149 Ourimbah NSW 2258

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University of Newcastle,
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