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November 2015

Welcome to our Archives page. On this page you will find totaly 9 of our articles broken down into Months and Years.

Become a CEN member

Membership of the CEN is open to both individuals and other groups across the region. CEN is a community based non-profit organisation that meets 4 times / yeear. The CEN employs a number of part t read more..


Wetlands are beautiful natural areas which are covered with water for some period of time. They are vitally important habitats for the health of our environment and support a wide variety of native p read more..

Seagrass monitoring

Coastal communities caring for seagrass The Community Seagrass Monitoring Project is a community based environmental education and monitoring program, with a focus on nearshore seagrass beds across c... read more..

Wildplant Rescue Service

What is a wildplant The word ‘wildplant’ was devised by the wildplant rescue service as the botanical equivalent of ‘wildlife’. It is defined by the wildplant rescue service as... read more..

Nature Watch

Nature Watch: the study of seasonality in Nature One of the main objectives of this Nature Watch diary is to give community members the opportunity to record what is happening in the natural enviro... read more..


What is Marinewatch? The aim of Marinewatch is to increase awareness and understanding of the local marine environment and it’s associated biodiversity. The Marinewatch Project involves promot... read more..

Love the River

Love the River’ partners invite you to join the campaign over the summer holidays 2011/12. Volunteers are needed at busy boat ramps to raise awareness of the iconic Hawkesbury River. What is &r... read more..

Gosford Lagoons

About the project In 2006 the CEN was successful in obtaining funding through the NSW Environmental Trust for a project "Community Rehabilitation of Gosford Coastal Lagoons". The project seeks to ado... read more..

Community Support Team

The Community Support Team or Work for the Dole project began in early 2003 to provide assistance to local Landcare and Bushcare groups in the Gosford and Wyong Regions.  This need for assista... read more..

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