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The shark was found at a popular NSW central coast diving spot

The shark was found at a popular NSW central coast diving spot.

Our oceans are under threat, with warming oceans, pollution and over fishing we need to ensure we establish protected marine environments for future generations.

Shark Drowned in Marine Sanctuary


The Shark was caught, stabbed and drowned in a marine sanctuary.

Image courtesy Robbert Westerdyk

Protection and Penalties are inadequate;

Fairy Penguins occur on Lion Island


Ever seen a Blue Fish with Blue Eyes?
Yes, the Eastern Blue Groper - they are beautiful
Conservation Status

The Eastern Blue Groper is particularly susceptible to spearfishing and in the past was taken in large numbers by spearfishers. As a result, the species was given total protection status in New South Wales waters in 1969. In 1974, angling and commercial fishing were allowed again, but spearfishing was still prohibited. In 1975, concern over the large catches by commercial fishers led to a ban on bottom-set gill nets. Blue Groper was banned from sale in 1980.

See: https://getfishing.com.au/blue-groper-speared-on-nsw-south-coast/

All these animals get better protection with the marine park.

Hawkesbury Shelf marine bioregion assessment Plan

Central Coast coastline is approximately 100 kilometres long from Box Head to Catherine Hill Bay. The western boundary is the shoreline and the eastern boundary is the 5 kilometre limit where NSW waters meet Commonwealth waters. A total area of approximately 250 square kilometres (or 25,000 Hectares).

Excluding the currently protected areas at Bouddi and the Ex HMAS Adelaide, this proposal only protects an additional 5,000 hectares of the Central Coast coastline and marine environment. This is approximately 20% of the total area.

The Tuggerah Lakes system (3 lakes) has a total area of 8,100 hectares and has 105 kilometres of shoreline. Only one area is proposed to be protected in the plan, this being Tuggerah Bay. Tuggerah Bay comprises an area of 461 hectares. This is only 5.7 % of the area of the lake.

Key Points for submission guide:

  1. You ‘strongly support’ a marine park for the region. It’s important the Governmetn hears there is strong support for the proposal.
  1. Bird Island is a Nature Reserve under the NSW National Parks Act and has been since 1956. Part of the offshore area is proposed to be protected
  1. Norah Head rock shelf area is adjacent to the boat ramp and has had signs for a considerable period asking people not to take shell fish and other invertebrates. The rock shelf has a long history of being scalped of all animal life and signs are erected to ask people not to take invertebrates.
  1. Tuggerah Bay is an Important Bird Area (Wikipaedia). The shoreline along most of the bay is part of Tuggerah Nature Reserve. The lakes and their immediate surrounds, have been identified as an Important Bird Area(IBA) by BirdLife International because the shallow waters have extensive seagrass beds attracting large numbers of waterbirds, including over 1% of the world populations of sharp-tailed sandpipers and chestnut teals. The adjacent forests and woodlands provide habitat for endangered swift parrots and regent honeyeaters in the non-breeding season. Australasian and black bitterns are sometimes recorded in the IBA.  Other birds using the site in relatively large numbers include black swanscurlew sandpipers and red-necked stints.
  1. Forresters to Bateau Bay, has a small part of the rock shelf already protected for the only ocean front that has a mangrove colony in NSW. The proposed reserve will protect a shoreline of 3 kilometres of marine environment. The shore line for much of the area is inaccessible to fishermen, except from boats offshore.
  1. Ex HMAS Adelaide, has been a marine sanctuary since it was sunk in 2010. Divers report many tangles of fishing lines on the wreck. In 2013, illegal fishermen caught and drowned a Mako Shark.
  1. Bouddi Marine Extension, has been a marine sanctuary since 1973. This proposal extends the protected area north by a small amount.
  1. Lion Island, is a Nature Reserve under the NSW National Parks Act and has been since 1956. The proposal provides a speed limit near the island to protect Fairy Penguins entering and leaving the island.

For more information see:

Sea life trust:


NCC Website:



Make a submission via:

Online submission form - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HawkesburyDP ,

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