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Kanning track croppedThe Community Environment Network (CEN) has called upon the Central Coast Council to finally expand the Coastal Open Space System (COSS) to the whole Central Coast Local Government Area.

“We are now in the sixth year of the amalgamated Central Coast Council and it is time for the Council to fulfil its commitments – made in the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036; the Central Coast Community Strategic Plan – One Central Coast 2018 to 2028; the Urban Spatial Plan – Framework for a Local Strategic Planning Statement and the Central Coast Council’s Biodiversity Strategy – to expand COSS to the whole Central Coast,” said CEN Chair, Mr Gary Chestnut.

“Both former Councils had exactly the same planning provisions in their planning instruments and both Councils had acquired significant land that is protecting the most sensitive areas of this region from future development,” he said.

In the former Gosford there are 2,573 hectares contained in COSS while in the former Wyong there was approximately 2,400 hectares identified as ‘natural assets.’

“Unfortunately, having sensitive land classified as natural assets has provided no protection resulting in the sale of land at Doyalson which contains areas of high biodiversity value even though it was identified for protection in the Central Coast Council’s Biodiversity Strategy.  Approximately 165 hectares of land that should have been protected from future development has already been lost and we cannot afford to lose any more.

“We are calling on CEO David Farmer and Administrator Rik Hart to deliver Council’s promise to the community to expand COSS to the whole Central Coast.

“This region is expected to be home to 415,000 people by 2036 which means 41,500+ additional dwellings so if we are going to protect the livability of this iconic region and the lifestyle it is renowned for our Council needs to take steps NOW to protect our wildlife corridors and high-biodiversity value land.

“The best way to do that is to learn from the visionaries who created COSS in the 1970s and expand it to the whole region.

“We have written to Mr Farmer and Mr Hart asking them to consider a plan to expand COSS which we believe will enhance the amenity and livability of this region, make it more attractive to home owners, businesses and tourists while protecting our most sensitive bushland for future generations.

“This month, in the tradition of the former Gosford City, CEN will celebrate COSS Week. Unfortunately, we cannot do so with live events, so we are launching this campaign to EXPAND COSS to the whole Coast.

“Adopting and championing our proposal to EXPAND COSS to the whole Coast would be the best way for Central Coast Council to reassure us that it cares as much about our beautiful local environment as the Central Coast community does.”


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