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The year is 2050 and our Central Coast Youth are now leading in their respective fields in our communities across the coast. The transition to renewable energy production is now complete, the local economies are interdependent on sustainable industries, run and owned locally. Community gardens are a hive of activity and act as community meeting hubs. Eco-tourism is a thriving industry employing more than half of the workforce in our region as our wetlands, old growth forests, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are world acclaimed.

Each decade, from 2020, our next generation of community members and leaders were involved in projects, events and programs supported by the elders in our community and leaders in their respective fields. This staged succession planning was strategically coordinated by the leaders in 2020, ensuring our youth were learning to proactively develop and manage the challengers of their generation.CEN YOUTH outdoor shot

This year, our CEN Youth will be working together with the elders (committee members) of our Community Environment Network (CEN). Together on local community projects and events in generating positive action towards a sustainable future. Inspiring engagement of our wider community in connecting with our natural environment on the Central Coast. In 2019, our CEN Youth developed the ‘Steps Towards a Sustainable Future’, with the core themes of Protect, Reconnect and Regenerate. The steps focus areas included: Reduce Reuse Recycle; Transport; Renewable Energy; Native Trees, Plant Based Foods and Storytelling. These were developed to act as an easy guide for members of our Central Coast community to act in building a sustainable future. In which everyone with every action we take could have a positive impact.

The story we write and tell ourselves this year and in years coming will determine our future and that for our next generation. At CEN, we are playing our part, as we all have a role to play in building sustainable communities and future leaders. What role will you play?
For more information about the steps to take and to become involved with CEN Youth please visit our www.cen.org.au website and contact us via our CEN Youth projects page.

Ms Hale Adasal CEN Chairwoman

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