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Pristine Bushlands, fantastic waterways, unique wildlife and a great climate, just some of the reasons we all want to protect what we haveā€¦

In the Wyong Local Government Area there have been over 400 different animal species identified. This includes approximately:

  • 285 Birds (residents and visitors)
  • 59 Mammals (including gliders, bats, wombats, kangaroos and koalas)
  • 40 Reptiles (snakes and lizards)
  • 36 Amphibians (including frogs)

...and these figures do not include the different species of fish, insects and plants!
Wyong species snaposhot: Yyellow-bellied glider (Petaurus australis)ellow-bellied glider

The yellow-bellied glider (Petaurus australis), a resident of the Wyong area, is one of the largest and most vocal of the gliders. Yellow-bellied Gliders are restricted to tall, mature eucalypt forests in temperate to subtropical eastern Australia.

It is a nocturnal animal whose diet consists largely of nectar, pollen, and the sap of eucalypts. Sap is obtained by cutting the bark on the upper branches and trunks of Eucalyptus trees and drinking the ooze. Some individual trees are clearly favoured and become very heavily scarred. Its diet also includes insects, arachnids, grubs, and possibly small vertebrates.

As this species requires a variety of trees to feed on in mixed forest over large home ranges, and because it needs hollows in old trees for nesting, its conservation requires the preservation of large tracts of forests.

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