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Pristine Bushlands, fantastic waterways, unique wildlife and a great climate, just some of the reasons we all want to protect what we haveā€¦

In the Gosford Local Government Area there have been over 400 different animal species identified. This includes approximately:

  • 269 Birds (residents and visitors)
  • 63 Mammals (including gliders, bats, wombats, kangaroos and koalas)
  • 53 Reptiles (snakes and lizards)
  • 29 Amphibians (including frogs)

....and these figures do not include the different species of fish, insects and plants!

Gosford species snapshot: swamp wallaby

wallabia_bicolor.jpg The swamp wallaby (Wallabia bicolor) is not closely related to any other wallaby, having very different genetic, reproductive, dental and behavioural characteristics. It is the sole living member of the genus Wallabia  and is a shy, nocturnal wallaby whose presence is most often revealed by a loud thudding, as they bound away from you into denser bush.

They live in the thick undergrowth of forests, woodlands and heath in eastern areas of Australia and are fortunately found in reasonable numbers in and around the Gosford area.

They are predominantly a solitary animal but may feed in small groups and their unusual diet of  ferns, shrubs and bushes gives this very beautiful animal a distinctive scent.

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