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Pristine Bushlands, fantastic waterways, unique wildlife and a great climate, just some of the reasons we all want to protect what we haveā€¦

Wildlife Corridors - What are they?

All of our native animals need habitat, that is a place to live. Native animals use corridors (green freeways) of natural vegetation to travel from one habitat fragment to another and these corridors also provide habitat and food.

Old trees provide vital hollows (homes) for Possums, Gliders and Birds.
Where old trees and hollows no longer exist, why not build a nesting box?
It's easy!  Download a building plan -   Possum Box  (40Kb)


Why are they necessary?

Native animals need to travel between areas of different vegetation as different trees and shrubs flower or fruit at different times and so their supermarket is always shifting locations. They also need to travel between different areas to encounter other animals of the same species, which will ensure successful reproduction.

Many areas of natural vegetation or habitat have been isolated and fragmented. This is mainly the result of land clearing, urban expansion and associated issues. Wildlife corridors allow animals to travel between these otherwise isolated fragments of native vegetation.

Who is responsible?

It is up to all of us to protect and recreate wildlife corridors! Everyone can contribute to creating corridors by planting local native plants in your garden as this provides food and habitat for local native animals.

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