Tufted Grasses and Plants

Plants that grow short and in tufts, generally large strappy leaves

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Blue Flax Lily - Dianella caerulea

Size Perennial herb to 1m Soil Tolerates most soil types Location Tolerates most positions. Full sun to part shade. Flowering Purple flowers in Spring to Summer followed edible purple berries.


Mat Rush - Lomandra longifolia

Size Perennial herb 40 -80cm Soil Tolerant of most soil types Location Tolerates most soil types. Full sun to part shade. Flowering Yellow flower spike in Spring and Winter, frog habitat.


Cock Spur Flower - Plectranthus parviflorus

Size Herbaceous shrub with aromatic green and white foliage Soil Well-drained soil. Location Full sun to full shade. Flowering Purple flower most of the year, bee and butterfly attracting


Blue Trumpet - Brunoniella australis

Widespread prostrate herb to 30cm, moist areas especially sloping ground. Full sun or filtered sun


Grass Trigger Plant - Stylidium graminifolium

Perennial herb, tufted grass like leaves. 5-25 cm. Bright pink inflorescence spr& sum. common in dry forest