Non-Local Species

These species are not found naturally on the Central Coast. Their native location is written in the description. These plants are not for rehabilitation projects.

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Midginberry - Austromyrtus tenuifolia

Endemic to North Coast of New South Wales

Size small to medium shrub 1-2m good for low hedge

Soil well drained to moist moderately drained soil

Location full sun to half shade tolerates light frost

Flowering small white flowers in late spring to summer, attracting seed eating birds and beneficial insects


Creek Mat Rush - Lomandra hystrix

Please note this is not Lomandra longifolia this species is locally endemic to the North Coast of New South Wales and is not suitable for regeneration projects on the Central Coast. Suited to gardens.

Size Fast growing robust tufted grass 90 – 130cm tall and 1m wide
Soil Suits most soil types good for erosion control and rain gardens
Location Full sun to full shade, drought, salt and light frost tolerant
Flowering Cream flower spike in spring. Attracts beneficial insects including bees and butterflies and lizards.