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Tantoon - Leptospermum polygalifolium

Size Small tree or shrub 3-7m, with aromatic leaves

Soil Sandy well drained soil

Location Full sun to partial shade

Flowering Late spring and Summer


Golden Wattle - Acacia longifolia

Size Fast-growing shrub 4x4m, short-lived. Soil Well-drained soil. Location Full sun Flowering Yellow flowers June - November, bee, and insect attracting


Myrtle Wattle - Acacia myrtifolia

Size Fast-growing round and erect shrub 1-3m with red, ribbed stems Soil Well-drained soil. Location Full sun to semi-shade Flowering White flowers July - October bee and insect attracting


Heath-leaved Banksia - Banksia ericifolia

Size Medium shrub 2-7m. Soil dry, well-drained soil. Location Full sun to part shade. Flowering Goldish flower in warmer months bird attracting


Willow-leafed Hakea - Hakea salicifolia

Size Shrub or small Tree 5-8m, excellent screening plant. Soil All types of free draining soil. Location Full sun to part shade out of wind as is shallow rooted Flowering Late winter attracting birds and bees


Swamp Hibiscus - Hibiscus diversifolius

Size Deciduous shrub 1-2m. Soil Heavy moist fertile soil Location Full sun, tender to frost Flowering Yellow edible flowers during summer, attracts birds and bees.


Tick Bush - Kunzea ambigua

Size Small shrub 1-3m Soil Well-drained soil. Location Part shade. Flowering Masses of white honey-scented flowers in summer, attracting bees and insects.


Thyme-leaf Myrtle - Melaleuca thymifolia

Size Small shrub 1-2m. Soil Most soil types Location Full sun to light shade Flowering Pink-Mauve flowers all year round, attracting birds and beneficial insects


Cut-leafed Daisy - Brachyscome multifida

Size Perennial herb 20cm. Soil Tolerant of heavier soil types. Location Full sun to part shade. Flowering White or purple flowers in Spring to Summer


Scurvy Weed - Commelina cyanea

Size Herbaceous ground cover. Soil Most soil types Location Thrives in shady position to part sun. Flowering Blue edible flowers in warmer months, leaves are also edible.


Small Rasp Fern - Doodia caudata

Size Fern 15 - 30 cm, great frog habitat. Soil Moist soil. Location Warm shady position


Basket Grass - Oplismenus aemulus

Size Vine that spreads to half a metre. Soil Moist soil. Location Shady position. Flowering Minute flowers all year round


White Root - Pratia purpurescens

Size Small herb approx 15cm with slightly purple underside of the leaf Soil Moist soil with moderate drainage Location Sunny position to light shade Flowering White to purple flowers Spring to Summer


Native Violet - Viola hederacea

Prostrate plant can be used as a lawn replacement. Moist moderately drained soil. Light to full shade position. Small purple and white edible flower all year round.


Curly Wigs - Caustis flexuosa

Size Perennial herb 30-80cm with curling foliage, great frog habitat Soil Well drained sandy soil. Location Full sun to semi shade. Flowering Minute flower in late spring to early summer