(Topic - Presenter)

Wallarah 2 – Mike Campbell

  • Coming up for judicial review
  • EDO conducting case
  • IESC Report
  • Proponent says aquifers will recover in 500 years

Power Station Ash Dams – Gary Blaschke

  • In Lake Munmorah area we have 455 olympic swimming pools of toxic ash
  • Delta is self-monitoring air quality
  • 1 monitoring station on Wyong Racecourse
  • 9 cancer clusters identified
  • Asbestos in LM Power Stn site (tonnes buried)
  • Environmental Health and Human Health audits required on Central Coast

Mangrove Mountain landfill – John Asquith

  • CCCl’s Committee has had 3 meetings
  • EWPA was supposed to attend
  • Findings to be tabled to CCCcl

Kangy Angy – Tracey Stewart

  • KARAG constantly battling and now monitoring

Winney Bay - 5 Lands Walk pathway – Heather Graham

  • Works currently underway from Fed Govt grant of $875k
  • Next stage(s) involving another $4m from Regional Dev Aust to be reviewed following community consultation
  • Bushcare needed after works to deal with weeds esp Bitou bush

Environmental Control – John Asquith

  • Following 8 years of poor control, Ccl needs compliance officers to monitor approval conditions

Mooney Progress Assocn – John Andrews

  • Suggested formation of “Friends of the Hawkesbury” association

Friends of the ABC - Ross McGowan

  • Rally on July 8 raised issue of the qualifications of ABC Board Members – business or broadcasting?

Solar Energy – Jo Muller

  • Panels now installed on Marine Discovery Centre

Issues raised for State and Federal elections - Forum:

  • Central Coast has 4 state seats and 2 Federal seats
  • All are vulnerable
  • Fed election not likely until May 2019
  • Time is right to lobby for CC priorities in both spheres
  • Democracy in Australia under threat – need ideas to get general public motivated to protect
  • Citizens should not have to resort to GIPA’s to obtain info from Ccl, State or Fed
  • EPA has been emasculated
  • Housing developments.
  • Catherine Hill Bay – 600 blocks released without workable sewerage system.
  • RoseCorp has DA for CHB + 400 for Gwandalan
  • Warnervale – wholesale destruction of flora and fauna
  • Is Wyee station to get lifts but not Tuggerah?
  • Seniors accommodation?
  • Affordable Housing?
  • Jobs in Tourism
  • Northern Boundary of CCC LGA?
  • Womens refuges
  • Wildlife Corridors
  • Developers (secrecy of planning schemes)
  • Darkinjung
  • CCRP 2036 is a disgusting document!
  • Who said Gosford is “Capital” of CC?
  • What will 34500 new houses do to Central Coast environment and infrastructure?
  • What is $180m pa for mineral extractions?
  • VFT to be funded by development
  • Proportional representation – nobody is actively championing a change in the constitution
  • CCCcl would benefit from an environmental audit
  • New GM wil consider desirability of Environmental dept
  • Land banking in Gosford?
  • Stack parking
  • Council’s Env Ed Officer / Waterways & Ocean Protection officer – knew nothing of Seismic testing
  • CEN advocates zero shadowing of public parks including Kibble
  • Energy Storage on Central Coast
  • Is pumped hydro feasible on CC as in upper Hunter

Gosford CBD and Planning – Gary Chestnut

  • Presentation provided
  • CEN can distribute further
  • Planning has been taken away from CCCcl by SEPP which overrides LEP
  • Assessment rules and procedures changed
  • Still time to submit objections

Sustainable Future for Wyong Shire (Northern Boundary, Porters Creek and Town Centre) – (Facilitated session)

  • Regional Plan
  • Submissions on Northern Boundary of LGA?
  • Industrial estates with smaller units and common amenities
  • Group training – 5 Units still vacant
  • Implications of Greater Sydney Strategy – Newc/ Sydney / W’gong
  • Where has green belt around Sydney gone?
  • Wyong Town Centre development for roads/parking/bus interchange
  • Use of heritage precinct
  • Pedestrian considerations
  • VFT keeps cropping up
  • Feasibility studies have been done
  • Fed govt route shows loss of Peat Is and Porter’s Ck wetlands

Seismic Testing off the Central Coast and Newcastle – Dr Natasha Deen

  • Asset Energy has been given approval for sonic testing for hydrocarbons off coast between Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Newcastle by Minister Matt Canavan
  • Dubious assessment by “independent” NOPSEMA – heavily stacked with industry advocates
  • Proven damage to ocean life
  • No monitoring of effects before or after
  • Lobby Pat Conroy
  • Attend Whale Dreaming Festival
  • Sign petition against (currently 24,000 signatories)

Climate Change / Solar / Renewable Energy – Jo Muller

  • Aust leads world in species extinction
  • Suzuki said “Think Globally, Act Locally”
  • To achieve zero carbon we must start at home and move on to Ccl level and progress to state and federal intervention
  • Building codes and Ccl assessment must include low carbon considerations
  • Lifestyle and population levels need to be debated within the community
  • Political considerations have overridden the voices of the scientific community
  • Chief Scientist (Finkel) should provide leadership
  • Energy production must consider trilogy of climate, reliability and cost equally for sustainability
  • Background paper available

Drinking water operating licence and waterways – John Asquith

  • Water is a looming issue
  • Protect drinking water catchments west of M1
  • A CEN Water Sub-Committee would be appropriate.
  • Seek expertise
  • Is basis used by Councils for pricing of water usage appropriate?
  • ·Terrigal lagoon pollution
  • Terrigal and Avoca beaches polluted by sewage
  • Is there a Water Plan for 2020 including pipeline construction?
  • Mangrove Dam was limited by some modifications done some years ago

Northern COSS (Wyong Area) – John Asquith

  • Porters Ck wetlands
  • CCC to support State Govt Plans
  • See CEN submission from 2012
  • 240 ha former CEN project(?)
  • Where is former Wyong Conservation Strategy
  • What steps are needed to ensure protection in perpetuity?