Council Climate Change Policy

Submissions are due: 15th March 2019

Please use CC Councils on line submission form,

See: https://www.yourvoiceourcoast.com/climatechange

Alternatively, submissions may be posted or emailed.

CEN welcomes and supports the Central Coast Council's draft Climate Change policy. Council's holistic approach is addressing a wide range of topics including    coastal hazards, biodiversity and sea level rise.

CEN commends and applauds that Council intends to be a leader on actions on climate change. This is welcome, however it is in contrast to point D5 of the draft which has as a goal to line up with the weak targets of the existing Federal and State governments with reducing emissions by 26% to 28% by 2030 and a zero carbon target for 2050. Central Coast Council can and should set a more ambitious target both for the Council as an organisation as well as for the whole Central Coast Council community.

Climate Change is one of the major threats to human life on this planet and must be addressed head on. There is also no time to waste as it becomes even more expensive to address climate change the longer we wait.

In summary, CEN supports the policy, however, we feel it could have stronger targets and achieve them faster.

Other points to note:

  • Comment on the draft policy;
    • Support the Draft Policy;
    • Climate Change is one of the largest threats to our way of life;
    • Council must show strong leadership to build and maintain community confidence;
  • Comment on point D5:
    • The target is not ambitious enough;
    • Council should lead locally and treat the State and Federal Targets as minimums which will be strengthened over time.
  • Comment on Point D 10:
    • Very supportive of Scenario 8.5 because it is the most likely and safest option available;
    • All options being available for future strategies is supported;

Retreat as a strategy is a concern for some landholders, hence a clear definition and a clear plan to manage is needed. This could include simplified rules for protection of property within the boundaries of private landholdings.

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