The Human Role in Modern Climate Change

For 30 years now we have heard of doubts regarding the science behind Global Warming and its potential impacts on us. Speaker, Richard Weller, retired Structural Engineer, is an expert in extreme events and understands the basic science of greenhouse gases that are driving climate change. He will present on how greenhouse gases behave, the increase in their concentration, the contribution of humans to the problem, the resulting increasing temperature and more.

Green house gases continue to increase globally. Australia's contiribution is also increasing. Up again by 0.6% in the March quarter. How does this create a problem and what should our governments be doing about this issue.

Hear the truth of the matter. We as voters need to be aware of what is happening and the changes we face in order to make informed decisions. The changes projected by our peak scientific bodies are very serious and must be addressed urgently. We encourage all who are curious and who want to know more to attend and hear Dennys Angove and Richard Weller explain the problem we face.

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