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The Committee
fairview2_web.jpgThis committee was formed in response to a recommendation in November, 2006 to Gosford City Council to demolish the Fairview Homestead at Ten Mile Hollow Road, Dubbo Gully, Mangrove Creek. As a result of public representations the proposal was deferred pending consultation but was again submitted to council in April, 2007.
At this time, the origins of this committee formed, letters were sent to council, councillors were lobbied and a representative of the group addressed the council meeting opposing the recommendations. Council again deferred the proposal for consultation and also to consider a proposal put forward by Workwise to fully restore Fairview Homestead.
Our committee was formally organised from this point and has since undertaken liaison with council representatives and has also pursued a public awareness campaign to gain significant community support. The committee decided its work should not be limited to the defence of Fairview and it has adopted the following statement of objectives:
  • The Committee aims to represent all sections of the general community in ensuring to the maximum extent possible that all assets within the area known as Dubbo Gully, Mangrove Creek, that are considered to be of historic or heritage significance are protected, restored and preserved in the interests of past, current and future generations of Australians.
  • These assets include but are not limited to the homestead known as Fairview, Simpson’s Track and the first road from the Hawkesbury River to the Central Coast linking to the Great North Road.

fairview4_web.jpgThe work of the committee is conducted by an Executive Committee comprising the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and other executive committee members appointed from time to time.  
 Any interested person can join as a supporter of the committee without cost, although a donation of $5.00 towards the administrative costs of telephone, printing, postage etc is encouraged.
The History
We are yet to commence a full study of the history of the area but some details are known and others have been suggested. That information is set out below without warrant as to its exact accuracy. Any information that you may be able to provide in writing will be greatly appreciated.
Dubbo Gully is the site of some of the earliest settlements on the Central Coast and, through a convict trail linking with the Great North Road, was the gateway for travel from Sydney to the Coast. Fairview Homestead was built in 1922 by Alfred John Andrews but other building pre-dated Fairview with one believed to have been built in the 1800s.
Prior to roads and railways, the only way to the central coast was via the Great North Road and Simpson’s Track into Ten Mile hollow where Fairview stands. Fairview often provided accommodation and sustenance to weary travellers on their way through the valley.

Cobb and Co coaches always stopped at Fairview for refreshment on the way through.
The homestead is near to a very historic cemetery with graves dating back to 1851.
img_0011_web.jpgOpposite the cemetery is the site of the former St. Thomas Church which was destroyed by bushfire in 2002. It is hoped that a replica of the church will be able to be re-located to the site to re-instate part of the fabric of the area.
The valley is one of the best kept secrets on the central coast being a pristine area surrounded by rocky mountains and heavily wooded hills. The fresh water mangrove creek flows through this picture –perfect setting.
Progress to Date
The committee has met with Gosford City Councilors on several occasions to identify any perceived problems in retaining and restoring Fairview Homestead. We have also conducted a picnic day at the homestead, attended by more than 300 committed supporters, a fundraising day at Mangrove Mountain Retreat and a street stall in Gosford.
A substantial media interest has been shown and this has assisted in the growth of awareness and support given to our activities.
We have also liaised with other community group and have been given universal support, particularly by Mangrove Mountain and district community Group, The Plateau Chamber of Commerce, Dharug and Lower Hawkesbury Historical Society and by Central Coast Tourism.
We have now identified what we believe to be acceptable future uses for the property and surrounding area, likely income activity that will produce sufficient funds for on-going maintenance and have identified potential sources of funding to cover the costs of restoration. These matters have been formalised into a business plan lodged with Council on 29 April, 2008 and we have again been lobbying councillors to gain their support. At he end of August, 2008, we are confident that meetings with Council will be held shortly to discuss/negotiate the Saving of Fairview.

For more information:

Secretary: Val Barr
Ph: (02) 43 656435
Chair: Warren Andrews
Ph: (02) 43 335184
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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CALL 02 4349 4756

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