Environmental issues on the Central Coast
The Nature Conservation Council is extremely concernded with the Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill (Shooter' Bill) introduced into the NSW Parliment by the Shooters' Party in June. This appalling legislation attempts to allow access to our National Parks for the purpose of shooting allegedly 'feral' animals, including several species of kangaroos and native birds.

The Nature Conservation Council is deeply disturbed by the risk involved with handing the safety and 'conservation' of ' our National Parks to the Game Council of NSW. The Councils's chairman Robert Borsak shockingly exemplifies the culture of these potential new custodians of our wildlife.

The pride and sick thrill Borsak gains from shooting defencless animals was made clear in his boastfull posting in an aricle he wrote called  "Bulls in the Rain"  about a recent hunting trip to Zimbabwe shooting elephants. Where you and I would be in awe at the beauty of these magnificent creatures up close, Borsak wrote glowingly of a recent kill:

"...as the rifle fired  the right barrel at 6 paces from the brain of the giant, he went down, as if in slow motion. Deon on my left whispered "fire again", I put the second barrel into the top of his head and it was all over ... It was awesome, he [the elephant] did not know what had hit him."

This is the attitude that we are up against. Borsak, the Game Council and the Shooters' Party now have their sights firmly set on hunting in National Parks and they want to establish game reserves in NSW. How can we let them go ahead with their thrill kill agenda! 

All that stands between open season on our wildlife is like minded people who have committed themselves to be the voice for nature and will join the campaign to ensure our values win over their exploitation. Dont let these natural havens, precious safe habitat for animals and ideal places for enjoying the splendor of nature be spoiled forever.

It seems inconceivable that the Shooter's Bill would suggest jeopardising the welfare of animals, the average National Park user and the environment for the selfish wishes of a few thousand hunters. Please support the the stand against this dangerous proposal and ensure open season is not declared on our parks and animals.

It is truly appalling that this attack on our National Parks is conducted under the guise of amateur hunters offering to remove feral animals. The Game Councils' advertising even cynically states  hunters are "first in conservation" - a claim completely without substance and the subject of a recent complaint by our coalition to the ACC.

While the NCC supports the need to control feral animals in National Parks, they do not belive ad hoc hunting with guns, bows and arrows or hunting dogs is an effective measure.

In fact, it provides a peverse incentive for hunters to release feral animals to improve their opportunities for blood sports.

We must act now to protect our parks and animals. Once access is granted for recreational shooting in National Parks and the creation of game reserves there is little chance of tightening laws up again.

The Game Council is well resourced, (Macdonalds Game Council Thrill Killer) already embarking on a pro-hunting, deceptive advertising blitz in local papers over the past few weeks and no doubt in force in the coming weeks. Your donation will help to neutralise their misinformation and misleading messaging. 

This article was sourced from a letter sent to CEN by Cate Faehrmann, Executive Director, Nature Conservation Council of NSW.

If you would like to support this campaign to stop the proposed killing of native animals in our national parks and the creation of game reserves, go to: Hunters: Our Parks & Animals are not Fair Game!  on the  NCC website.

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