We are an independent community group that works for Ecologically Sustainable Development and against threats to it.

Aim and Objectives   

  • Increase the effectiveness of community groups in the region
  • Be a regional voice for the environment and sustainability
  • Provide a forum for public discussion and education
  • Increase public awareness and understanding
  • Promote community monitoring of the environment
  • Facilitate the empowerment of individuals


Membership of the CEN is open to both individuals and other groups across the region. CEN is a community based non-profit organisation that meets 4 times / year.

The CEN employs a number of part time staff however, most of our activities are carried out by volunteers.

Our Office (The Manor)

CEN are located in The Manor which is the original 1960s farm house on the Campus. The building has been recycled and upgraded to improve its sustainability for use by CEN.

Features include:

  • Recycled building - courtesy of Newcastle University
  • Solar Water Heater - Sponsored by Wyong Shire Council;
  • Ceiling Insulation - paid for by CEN;
  • Energy Audit and Low Energy, CFC Free Fridge - sponsored by Energy Australia
  • Water tanks for toilet flushing, gardens and rinsing Waterwatch Equipment - sponsored by Australian Government Water Grant;
  • Solar Sky Tubes to provide natural lighting in key areas - Sponsored by NSW Government Climate Change Fund;  
  • Roof Extractors to provide natural cooling - Sponsored by NSW Government Climate Change Fund; 
  • Computer screens having low energy requirements - paid for by CEN.
  • Security Bike Rack to encourage use of bicycles - Sponsored by Federal Government
  • Screen Doors for natural cooling and ventilation - paid for by CEN. 

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