Invitation - HFW / LFW Frog Workshop - 28 Nov, 2015

thumb Litoria dentata3Come along to discover more about the frogs: 

  • Learn how to identify different frogs from their calls.
  • Discover how you can make your property frog friendly.
  • Learn why frogs are such an important part of many local ecosystems
  • Visit prime habitat after dark to find frogs

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Results of our snap survey on proposed Council amalgamations

CEN recently conducted a snap survey on the options for proposed Council amalgamations.

100 responses to the snap survey were received in 36 hours with an overwhelming preference for the option put forward by independent State MP, Greg Piper, for the Lake Macquarie boundary to be extended to Sparks Road. This would mean that Gosford Council's boundary would extend northwards and Wyong Council would be absorbed in the boundary change.

  • 56% of respondents wanted the Lake Macquarie boundary change option as their first preference
  • 24% of respondents wanted no merger at all as their first preference
  • 20% of respondents wanted a Gosford / Wyong merger into a Central Coast Council

8 out of 10 Gosford Councillors don't want you to know that they are going to sell off our public land

thumb Welcome to Gosford

At Council meeting on 10 Nov, 2015 - it was explained to Councillors that the process of reclassifying land from community to operational would not inform people that the land was then going to be sold - 8 out of 10 Councillors didn't care!!

The Councillors that voted to go ahead with the sell off (without proper community consultation) were Lawrie McKinna, Deanna Bocking, Bob Ward, Chris Burke, Jim MacFadyen, Gabby Bowles, Craig Doyle and Jeff Strickson. The 2 Councillors that voted against it were Hillary Morris and Vicki Scott.

Read more about this issue in the latest edition of Gosford Observer

Click here to send a submission to Councillors calling for an open and transparent process

Nominations Open for CEN BAT Awards 2015

cricket batDo you know somebody who has …stood their ground at the crease?….. deflected the assault from their opponents? …..and has remained steadfast in protecting their wicket?…. all in the interests of the environment….then we would like to acknowledge them as part of the team.

CEN is calling for nominations for our Annual BAT Awards.

Nominations close on Fri, 20 November.

Join the Friends of COSS

thumb Coss Logo MediumThe Coastal Open Space System (COSS) is a network of reserves supporting natural vegetation that are managed by Gosford Council for a number of environmental and community values. COSS lands provide important ecological habitats (or homes) and essential linkages (wildlife corridors) for diverse fauna and flora. These natural areas are also popular places for leisure and relaxation with residents and visitors alike.

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CEN Opposes Gosford Council's Fire Sale of Public Land

Coburg Road East GosfordMedia Release - 9 Sept, 2015

The Community Environment Network (CEN) has raised concerns about Gosford Council's decision to commence a fire sale of public land in Gosford LGA.  At the Gosford Council meeting of 8 September, 2015, Councillors voted to proceed with a proposal to start selling off public land.  The report identifies that Council's Property Group has reviewed their property portfolio of over 3,000 lots and is establishing sites with sale potential. The report identifies Stage 1 of identifying 20 sites.

CEN Response to Item GOV 84 - Gosford Council Business Paper 14 July 2015

Gosford Council wants to investigate expanding urban footprints into environmental and rural lands. They want to investigate rezoning enviornmental lands (including National Parks!) for urban and residential purposes. CEN opposes the recommendations as listed in the Gosford Council Agenda Paper (14 July 2015). This is why.

CEN Bush Regen Team Available

bush_regen.jpgThe Community Environment Network (CEN) is proud to offer the services of a professional Bush Regeneration Team. CEN has been conducting professional Bush Regeneration Services for over 6 years.

Winner of the 2015 Waterwatch Award - Gosford City Council Environment Awards: Wyoming Public School


Congratulations to the Environment Club at Wyoming Public School for their efforts in water testing & their winning video submission in the Waterwatch Award for the Gosford City Council Schools Environment Awards 2015.

As the winners of the Waterwatch Award they have received a Waterwatch kit to keep & continue their fantastic monitoring

Click here to view their winning submission